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Our immaculate and cozy green and clubhouse is maintained via a joint relationship with the City of Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Department along with a wonderful cadre of volunteer members. Please see the calendar section for all the schedules, tournaments and, of course, the social functions. What other sport offers people of all ages so many pizza, chicken, chili, etc., picnics in the park or dinners in the clubhouse?

And there is no better deal in town. Try bowling for free (we even loan you bowls). There is a $20 initiation fee to cover your badge, key, etc. and then full club membership is only $135 per year - (Dual Members are $80, Associates are $30) however many times you attend, however many times you bowl! Everyone is welcome to visit, watch games and to receive instruction from experienced coaches using club bowls. All you need is a pair of flat-soled shoes that will not mark the grass. Fellow bowlers that come from all corners of the world are always available to help advise too.

Our club house and/or greens is available for rental for a limited number of events per year. Please send an email to Penny Bayless: penny@haybales.biz.

OFFICERS   Committee 2015:

President Jon Yee
Vice President Nadine O'Leary
Treasurer Frank Matyskiela
Secretary Liz Hogan
Directors (1 year term) Jeff Phillips
  Donna Burke
  John Hickson
Directors (2 year term) Susie Borton
  John MacMorris
  Cheryl Anderson

Membership Fees and Application:

Full club membership is only $135 per year
Dual Members are $80 per year
Associates are $30 per year (no bowling privledges)

New Members: There is a $20 initiation fee to cover your badge, key, etc. The annual fee is pro-rated.

To download a membership application, click Download Application (requires PDF reader)

Member Activities: Member actions and committees are the life blood of our self-sustaining club model. Please see Members section for how else you can help contribute to preserving and growing our club.

Club History:

2008 saw us celebrating our 75th Anniversary.
See Club History for a complete review.



Waverley Street 1912. Still unpaved!










The Palo Alto Daily News covered our 75th Anniversary, Sunday, August 3rd, 2008









PA WeeklyIn the lawn bowling public relations coup of the decade, our club was featured on the cover and a number of inside pages of the June 22, 2005 issue of the Palo Alto Weekly. This local paper is mailed to all residents, and is generally available throughout the city. Click here for The Bowling Green article.

Many thanks to photographer Nicholas Wright for his excellent photos and diligence visiting us with all his cameras on a number of occasions.


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