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As a member of Palo Alto LBC you are also a member of the USLBA, and eligible to compete in regional and national tournaments. See



Welcome, novices and experts alike to the wonderful sport of English lawn bowls. It is perhaps the only outdoor activity where men and women, young and old, ex-jocks and ex-loafers, can all compete on an equal footing. But more importantly, it is easy to learn, very low cost, and provides gentle, healthy exercise and pleasant social company for people of all ages. A day on the green will get you out of the house and challenge you to some mental and physical stretching.

Some still call this English Lawn Bowling (much to the chagrin of the Scots.. where it is even more popular!). We are one of the many Californian clubs that have been in existence for over 50 years proving year round that life feels better in the sunshine. Our membership is split almost evenly male and female, from ages 14 to 101!

This sport is very easy to learn, and very hard to master. No training or situps required. Just show up with soft shoes. Gentle bending and walking exercise. A great mental exercise and challenge too to keep the brain cells going.


Free Trial Bowling Lessons - Free loaner bowls

Free lessons by arrangement with one of our experienced coaches. And we can always open up a newcomers practice lane. Try before you join. Many of this year's newcomers are already bowling in all draw games - some have already won trophies! Lessons are usually scheduled around normal draw games or practice sessions. Drop-ins welcome any Sundays.

Call John Hickson 650-367-9499 to schedule a lesson, or send an email via contacts page.

Visitors and newcomers always welcome.

Almost all the draw social games, and more than half the tournaments, are played with teams of both men and women. All ages welcome .. from 14 to 94.

Why not put together a group of your own, perhaps your family or a small group of coworkers to learn the game. You do not have to be a Palo Alto resident.

The very affordable sport

Once, you know the game, you can join the club and for $105 a year, and play when you choose. You will receive a key to the gate so that you can come down and practice on your own schedule or play in one of our draw games. We are always patient with new players because we remember clearly how it was to be a novice.



Max Torke is starting to show good style.
One of our younger members.


Summer Hours

Draw Games: Tues, Thur and Sat at 9:30am
Wed at 10am

1:30 pm Sundays - Casual games and beginners' lessons.

Winter Hours

Draw Games: Tues, Thur and Sat at 1:30pm

1:30 pm Sundays - Casual games and beginners' lessons.

Formal Learning Classes

John Hickson will be offering lawn bowls classes through the auspices of the Palo Alto Rec Dept. at different times. Learn in a group setting with one of the best club coaches in Northern California.

Read up in advance:

See The Game for a complete overview.

See also the new Coach's Corner on this site for all John's monthly hints.

Novice Tournaments

Regardless of your age, in lawn bowling you are considered a novice for the first two years and can enter the specific novice tournaments.

Of course, some of our novices, like Sam and Bud this year, catch on really quick. They are both already trophy winners in pairs competitions.

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